i'll tell you all my secrets

but i lie about my past

31 October
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I've started to take disasters as good omens, like the death card in
tarot decks. I've started to read the newspaper like people read
chicken bones. Like somewhere in the mess you can tell the future.
Where did they find her body? on the second floor? Don't invest in any
new business opportunities this week. A bomb went off in the subway
north of the main line, not south. That's a good sign. The death count
was an odd number. Now is the time for a new love in your life. - Joey Comeau

"There are people, you see - mostly members of certain secret alchemical orders - who believe the world ended a long, long time ago, and all the stuff we think we see and hear and all the people walking around, everything's only a ghost of that world which still hasn't figured out it's dead. So, it seems to me like someone ought to dress for the funeral."
Sadie, Low Red Moon by Caitlin R. Kiernan

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